virtual data center is a product of the Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) delivery model of cloud computing. It can provide on-demand computing, storage and networking, as well as applications, all of which can be seamlessly integrated into an organization's existing IT infrastructure. The premise of the virtual data center solution is to give organizations the option of adding capacity or installing a new IT infrastructure without the need to buy or install costly hardware, which takes up additional manpower, space and power. The whole data center infrastructure is provided over the cloud. This is one of the greatest benefits of cloud computing: to allow relatively small organizations access to IT infrastructure in the form of a virtual data center without spending millions of dollars in capital in order to construct an actual data center. They only need to pay for the resources that they use, which allows for great flexibility and scalability.

With each purchase of a Swiss Virtual Data Center, we offer you a free* comprehensive penetration test of your existing IT infrastructure, web and mobile applications that may be used to store and access critical business information. Our Swiss-based penetration testers will use advanced skills and techniques required to identify and exploit vulnerabilities on your current systems, services and applications, without any risk to your infrastructure. Learn more

Also available (not included in the free offer): an IoT devices assessment, from all angles, against OWASP Top 10 IoT vulnerabilities; and a Threat Intelligence-based Ethical Red Teaming simulation. In our assessments, we use the same techniques as cybercriminals do (e.g. advance reconnaissance, phishing, vphishing, etc.) to launch realistic simulated attacks, without any risk to your infrastructure.  See pricing

 * Invoiced and payable prior to SVDC installation at regular price and refunded after completion of your SVDC installation

With multi-site capability, deploy VMs at two datacenter locations. Increase availability of services, manage resources in one console.

Facilitate onboarding by migrating your on-premises VMs into your SVDC and back again with little effort and no reinstallation migration. 

Integrated backup solution to conveniently back up your entire SVDC, single vApps, or single VMs and schedule regular backups. 

Integrated firewall, load balancing, IPSec, SSL VPN, spanning subnets, distributed firewall for segmentation of single hosts and multiple Internet gateways. 

Automate management tasks with the powerful REST API, enabling you to obtain information about your SVDCs and automate management processes.

Templates accelerate the recurring deployment of individual servers or entire vApps, including Windows Server, Linux, Citrix Virtual Apps and Microsoft RDS.

Traditional data center vs SVDC

Traditional data center Swiss Virtual Data Center
Leaves your company exposed to unexpected catastrophic events, recovery from which may take considerable time and expenditure, with loss of business continuity Ensures the viability of your business with a rapidly-deployable offshore backup and replication of your mission-critical infrastructure and data
Requires a capital expenditure for physical IT infrastructure Utilizes funds from operating expenses
A capital investment necessitates a reasonably accurate estimation of future requirements – a daunting task in the face of rapidly changing technology Takes full advantage of rapidly changing technology – and you pay only for the needed capacity
Deploy physical servers with pre-determined CPUs, memory and storage capacity, with limited upgrade capabilities Deploys resizable virtual servers and scalable storage to align with enterprise workload demands and business demands
Must assess and correctly estimate existing and future data storage capacity and fork into block storage, file storage, object storage — negotiating with storage vendors to acquire the needed (and changing) capacity Deploys a mix of compute and storage technologies that are best suited for applications, in as little as 1 GB increments
Plan in advance for networking gear capacity in terms of switch ports, edge and core routers, and type of cabling
Uses Software Defined Networks (SDN) and virtual routers to easily scale up or down your network capacity
Considerations for security start with ensuring entry restriction to physical premises and all the way up to auditable and verifiable access to rack mounted servers
Focuses your security considerations at IT level, leveraging the security infrastructure inherent in the IaaS layer of the SVDC and backed by premise security guarantees by our Swiss datacenter providers
Trained personnel to rack & stack equipment
Lets you enjoy a cloud orchestration platform to provision, configure and manage virtualized resources throughout their life cycle
Every addition, change or deletion must be carefully planned in advance and negotiated with vendors
Lets you choose from a wide variety of options, permutations, and  specification — easily provisioned, replaceable and upgradable with a few mouse clicks
Difficult and costly replacement in case of a catastrophic event, with major loss of availability
Rapidly redeploys from backups stored at a second Swiss datacenter in case of ransomware, hacking, natural disasters

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