mission-critical data to a SVDC.
In Switzerland.

Safeguard your digital assets under Swiss data and privacy protection laws, and quickly recover from ransomware with asynchronous data replication.

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Create your own SVDC in a few hours:
it's life insurance for your business!

Replicate your mission-critical apps and data and ensure that your company
can recover immediately and at minimal cost from ransomware attacks

Powered by advanced Swiss technology, an SVDC allow businesses to provision processing, storage, networks and other mission-critical computing resources. CPU, RAM, storage and bandwidth can be purchased independently to create the best combination of cloud resources. Each resource is billed separately, allowing customers to track exact costs over time. Learn more

Run any x86 based OS (including Windows, Linux and FreeBSD, and more) on unbundled computing resources, up to 40 CPU cores and 128GB RAM per server. Subscriptions with discounts or 5 minute billing burst pricing, 100% API feature coverage for large scale automation. Full data portability, just download your disk image. Learn more 

We use the KVM hypervisor to completely encapsulate a client's computing and no one but you has access to your operating system. All networking traffic is tagged and secured between VMs. We take no copies of client drives, the sole copy resides in our cloud unless you choose to clone the drive to another storage system or location. Plus, full SSH key management, access security policies, networking policies, 2-factor authentication. Learn more 

In Switzerland, which ensures the best legal protection, we offer independent geographical locations in Zürich and Geneva. Other worldwide locations are available for your less-sensitive data and lower latency connectivity to your customer base. For our web-facing infrastructure, we use Swiss-based KeyCDN for additional speed and optimization, which we also recommend for your organization. Learn more

We support an eco-system of partnerships allowing customers to fully customize their images on boot. Full integrations, providing customers with full visibility and insight into their applications and server performance.  Learn more 

Our servers run on new generation processors, with higher per socket count, critical performance improvements for virtualization including twice the performance on floating point and encryption workload, DDR4 RAM delivering up to 50% more bandwidth versus DDR3, faster networking and storage performance, 10GigE networking thought the infrastructure, high performance SSD drives. Learn more

Custom-built to your exact specifications

Our SVDCs are conceived with the most demanding customers in mind. 

Healthcare companies


Data breaches cost the US healthcare industry alone over $4 billion a year and the trend is upward. Hospital systems expenditure on data protection are increasing by 6% year-to-year, while physician organization cybersecurity investments have been decreasing since 2018. A full 92% of healthcare organizations lack full-time security staff to prevent such mounting losses. Talk to us!

Intellectual property


Businesses of all sizes generate vast amounts of information that is of value the company itself and to its competitors. This valuable information includes know-how, inventions, market research, strategic plans, customer data, contractors’ information, and more. The methods and tools for protecting trade secrets is often not there or inadequate. We can help you secure your irreplaceable digital assets. Talk to us!

DevOps & research


Testing mission-critical software in a large environment or in a containerized space? Do you need to emulate any setup and any scenario you like, in total privacy and at an affordable price? Must you get to that minimum viable product fast and go beyond, on an ultra secure and reliable infrastructure that scales well and is powerfully built to your specifications? All of this and more with a Swiss Virtual Data Center. Talk to us! 

Are you looking for one of the safest, most reliable solutions?

Create your own Swiss Virtual Data Center in a few hours with Schweizer Host Cloud Services.
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We specialize in data security and data protection in Switzerland.
Schweizer Host offers custom-built private servers 
Shared web hosting and private server hosting 
Swiss Data Vault™ for secure storage 
Postarmail™ for encrypted HIPAA and GDPR compliant email 
and cybersecurity assessments 

Outstanding SVDC features

Secure location

Switzerland-based infrastructure, technical expertise and support.

Reliable platform 

Bank-grade datacenters, on the safest cloud in the world

Customized setup

Your own cloud, just the way you want it

Scalable structure

All the computing power and redundancy you need 

High performance

Optimized and redundant for availability, with total control

Value for the money

Stands up to any cost comparison to your current installation

Included in our cloud offers

Schweizer Host ensures all aspects of its services and infrastructure conform to ISO 27001:2013, the international standard for security and data privacy.
All datacenters are fully certified and compliant.

Based in Switzerland

Our entire infrastructure is located in Switzerland: your data, our systems and the company headquarters.

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Expert advice

All clouds include comprehensive support and SLA options to provide you with expert advice at any time.

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DDoS protection

We protect our infrastructure against DDoS attacks to reduce the risk of your sites going offline.

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Efficient hardware

We only use brand-name hardware with top-quality components, high-performance Intel CPUs and plenty of RAM for all your needs.


Storage cluster with 100% SSD (NVMe cached) for your data and all-flash storage (SSD) for your databases, for maximum performance.

Easy access

Cloud hosting packages include SSH access, which enables secure data transfer via SFTP and key-secured direct shell access.

Host your cloud with Schweizer Host
and discover Swiss data protection

We understand data and privacy protection.

To ensure high availability of web sites to visitors around the world, your digital assets may be stored and served from many anonymous servers located wherever your webhost chooses. But high availability may come at a high cost. Not only a monetary cost, but a cost that is measured in terms of low data protection, loss of privacy and confidentiality, and deplatforming. At Schweizer Host Cloud Services, we believe the choice of server location belongs only to you, the owner of digital assets. Host with us. In total security. In Switzerland, the safest cloud in the world. And stay live.

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Do you know that ransomware has struck and continues to strike some of the largest companies in the world? Often, there isn't any feasible defense against these attacks and many have succeeded beyond their perpetrators' imagination. And so they keep occurring, taking an incredible toll on human lives, jobs, and company assets. If you are a medium or small company, you may not have the resources that larger companies have to recover from such attacks. We offer you the safeguard and peace of mind of storing a backup of your mission-critical systems, with asynchronous replication, at our ultra-secure, bank-grade datacenters in Switzerland. Talk to us about protecting your company from ransomware.

10 reasons to choose a SVDC
from Schweizer Host Cloud Services

Unparalleled flexibility and efficiency. The SVDC completely emulates the processing power of an entire physical installation at a fraction of the cost. New components are created or changed via mouse click and are available or destroyable as and when needed.

Hosted only in bank-grade datacenters, with the highest levels of security, 24/7 monitoring by highly trained security staff, zero-trust, verifiable limited access, and multiple-redundant systems and components.

The  advantages in hosting your SVDC in Switzerland are many and cost effectiveness is among the most important. Avoid the  financing a large-scale infrastructure investment, and benefit from flexible cloud plans. 

Your SVDC holds massive amounts of data, computing power, and storage capacity. And you can always get more, on demand, anytime. Scale easily for peak times, add capacity, idle what you don't need and bring it back on line with just a few clicks. That's  power and scalability!

All Schweizer Host Cloud Services installations are at a minimum two times redundant. Our datacenter are designed to keep data safe and private, and to continue to function 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year long.

Your concerns are our highest priority. In case of crisis or even for the most mundane needs, you interact with highly trained technicians.

Our Swiss data centers are ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified. Additionally, each custom built datacenter offers you a choice of redundant security systems and applications that shield your data from unwanted attention, while providing access and availability to authorized personnel.

CloudSigma technology spearheads a community of technicians and providers that are well-known  for their technical competence. Under Swiss corporate laws with  transparency, accountability, and by the highest ethical and professional standards.

Take advantage of the large choice of applications. We offer you storage, firewalls, and a stable and proven infrastructure that you can use for almost any purpose on a transparent billing model.

TEN: WE'RE ON IT 24/7 
Proactive monitoring and quick intervention if and as soon as a malfunction or power outage occurs are part of the core mission of our company. We don't rest until everything is back on line.

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