According to Irene Bodle, a new trend is developing in the hosting industry whereby more and more global suppliers are using data centers located in Switzerland to host their IT applications and store customer data. Two reasons for this new development are outlined below.

Swiss values

Switzerland is often viewed internationally as representing the following values – stability, neutrality, discretion and trustworthiness based on its banking history. For example Swiss law is often used in international contracts by non-European customers when there is a disagreement about which law is to apply to the contract.

No language barrier

Although English is not one of the official languages of Switzerland, it is widely spoken and is the language of preference for business transactions. In addition French, German and Italian are official languages providing the added bonus of suppliers being able to request services in any or all of the four languages, if required. This makes Switzerland very attractive to global companies who are often wary of hosting outside of their territory due to language barriers.

For the above reasons many global companies are starting to relocate their hosting services to Switzerland for the above reasons. For example Swift, Yahoo, Hewlett Packard, and nearly all major IT players now have data centers in Switzerland. 

Schweizer Host offers shared and VPS hosting in Switzerland

Schweizer Host is your choice in web hosting and virtual private server hosting. Our infrastructure is located in Switzerland, as is our company, at two ultra-secure datacenters in the Zürich area.

The Schweizer Host group of companies includes web and virtual private server hosting provider, Schweizer Host; secure object and file storage company, Swiss Data Vault; secure cloud services provider, Schweizer Host Cloud Services; and assessment and digital assets security firm, Cybersecurity by Schweizer Host.